Justin Gaethje Reveals Why He Is Not Married Yet

Justin Gaethje on UFC Connected gave an insight on what it means to be a mixed martial artist.

Gaethje stepped into the world of MMA at a very early stage of his life and had an illustrious career under WSOF before joining UFC in 2017.

The Highlight shares that being a martial artist is a life long sacrifice.

..And for the very reason he never got married and started a family.

“I don’t go out, I don’t drink, I’am not married, I don’t have kids... those are the things that I’ve sacrificed on my journey because of the place i put myself mentally.”

Gaethje shares that he has sacrificed and given up a countless opportunities and things he wanted in life that he knew would distract him from what he’s doing.

The former interim champion goes on saying that there’s no easy path and understanding that is the true definition of a martial artist.

Looks like the sacrifices he has made is serving him well for The Highlight is currently ranked #2 in the UFC lightweight division and standing at the record of 23-3-0.

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