Kane Thanks DDP Yoga for Getting Shredded at 55

Kane or Knoxville County Mayor Glenn Jacobs is looking like he can still shine in the ring.

Kane shared about his body transformation at the age of 55. Fans  were shocked to see how ripped he looks in the picture.

Kane had someone to thank for his transformation that is DDP Yoga. He sent out a tweet to thank them.


DDP replied to his tweet saying that he looks amazing. Also thanking him for the shout out.

When you compare Kane's current physique to how he appeared during his time with WWE during his latter years, it's clear that he's made a significant physical improvement.

Although Kane is not currently a member of the WWE roster, he has been keeping himself busy as Mayor of Knoxville. He is still connected with WWE and is on excellent terms with the company.

Even former WWE Superstar Matt Hard couldn't stop himself but laud Kane's incredible transformation.

DDP Yoga is founded by former professional wrestler Diamond Dalllas Page.