Kanye West Challenged by WWE's 24*7 Champion

The Global Rap Star has been making headlines regularly thanks to his rather public split with ex-wife Kim Kardashion

Ye was supposed to drop his album "Donda 2" commercially on February 22nd, but fans have come to expect the unexpected from the World's Most Famous Person, who released it on STEM player instead.

As his real-life feud with Pete Davidson continues to heat up, Ye has been called out for a whole different kind of confrontation.

WWE is a company that loves celebrity involvement in any capacity; matches, segments, social media engagement, you name it.

"Jackass 2" lead actor Johnny Knoxville is going to WrestleMania 38, where he will have a match against Sami Zayn.

And if things play out the way WWE want them to, he might be joined by yet another Hollywood celeb at the Show of Shows.

In a recent interview with NBC 5 Chicago, WWE 24*7 Champion Dana Brooke issued a challenge to Chicago's Own.

Brooke said since Ye is in the midst of everything right now, she'd like to show him that "women run the world".

She also mentioned her love for Oprah Winfrey and said she'd happily drop her championship to her; before regaining it later, of course.

Neither match is likely to take place this year- or ever, frankly- but it's great to see Dana Brooke put herself out there.

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