Kevin Owens' Scott Hall Tribute on  WWE Raw

The Entire Pro-Wrestlestling Universe is mourning after hearing the tragic news of 2-time WWE Hall of Famer Scott Hall’s demise

WWE announced this news moments before WWE Raw Kicked off

Scott Hall A.K.A Razor Ramon is one of the trail-blazers of the Pro-Wrestling

Hall is one of the greatest Intercontinental Champions of All-Time

Hall also is one of the original members of the Iconic nWo faction.

Let’s relive some of the best moments of Scott Hall, A.K.A Razor Ramon’s career

Scott Hall is one of the best on the microphone as well. Hall always kicks off his promos with the phrase -  “Hey Yo”

Kevin Owens kicked off last night’s Raw with the same phrase “Hey Yo”

That got all the true fans of wrestling in their feels

One of the most iconic Quotes by Scott Hall is, “Bad times don’t last but Bad Guys do”

Owens found the perfect time to re-iterate this Quote

To motivate his friend Seth Rollins, Owens told him, “Tough times don’t last but Tough Guys do”

In the short TV Time that Owens got on Raw, he was able to pay respect to the Legend Scott Hall


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