Khabib Nurmagomedov owes $200k to Tony Ferguson

After 5 years, fans might finally get the deserved closure on Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Tony Ferguson.

Ferguson earlier proposed the idea of going against his long time rival, Khabib, on TUF, as a coach.

Khabib responded to the tweet positively, saying he is all for it.

Khabib brought the idea of Eagle FC to the table as well, if TUF fails.

To the tweet, Tony replied something that reminded fans of the good old days of the fighter, and Khabib the words he gave to Tony, unfortunately!

"We’re Private Contractors Fathead Remember? We Can Smell Ya  From All The Way Over Here  Lay Of The Sweets Meat Head. NowYou Work For Me, BTW You Still Owe Me 200K & 20 Push-Up For The Homeless  Keep Runnin’ It’s TiramisuTuesday- Champ  -CSO-  ‘Merica MF"- Ferguson responded

Tony was referring to the tweet Khabib shared back in 2017.

Ferguson was a big name and one of the fan favourites on UFC at that time.

While Khabib was still struggling to make a name for himself, looking for worthy opponents.

"Hey @TonyFergusonXT if the @ufc don't want to pay you I'll pay you 200k extra on your purse let's make this fight now you have no excuse." - Khabib via twitter, 2017.

The match between the both has been fixed and cancelled five times ever since.

Khabib retired in 2020, while Tony is on his 4th losing streak since then.

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