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Chimaev and Diaz's team Got into a Fight! UFC 279 Almost Got Cancelled

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Fans were eagerly waiting for the UFC 279 press conference, which was supposed to feature some of the most exciting stars in UFC such as Chimaev, Ferguson, Diaz and Holland.

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However, fans were disappointed when Dana White canceled the press conference after probably the biggest brawl in UFC history.

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Dana White issued a statement on the brawl and said multiple UFC fighters were involved in the brawl including Khamzat Chimaev and Kevin Holland.

After the brawl, on his Instagram, Khamzat said "I told them: Don’t joke with us, Kevin got what he deserved. Diaz got what he deserved.”

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On the other hand, Kevin Holland joked about giving a free beard trim to the Borz after the brawl took place at UFC 279 press conference.

As per reports, it was Chimaev and Holland who started the brawl, and later on Nate Diaz's team got involved causing chaos backstage.

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Dana White denied giving any information about the brawl and the reasons behind it, but he said UFC 279 even was in jeopardy because of this incident.

Fans can expect to catch the glimpse of this brawl in the upcoming UFC embedded episode or on Chimaev's Youtube Channel.

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