Khamzat Chimaev Will Dominate Alex Pereira- UFC Veteran's Prediction


 Pereira defeated Sean Strickland in the first round at UFC 276 and ended 'Tarzan's' win streak.

 This was Pereira's third fight in the UFC. A lot of eyes were on him and with the spectacular show he put on, he was bound to get the attention.

Khamzat Chimaev, even called out Pereira on twitter, tagging Dana White.

Brendan Schaub, however had a different perspective for this potential fight.

"Hey UFC, toss your boy Pereira to Khamzat. Eats him alive like my boy Joey Chestnut with hot dogs." - Schaub on Pereira vs Chimaev.

Even though Chimaev called out Pereira, the matchup of Pereira vs Adesanya seems more likely to happen.

Pereira is the only fighter so far to defeat Adesanya with a KO back in their kickboxing days.

This potential title fight would be one to watch, as Adesanya will be looking to clinch a win against Pereira while Pereira will be looking to adding another win to his record of 6-1-0.

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