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Kylian Mbappe Lies About PSG Teammates Including Lionel Messi.

By: Yaksh Desai Image credit: Twitter

The 2022 FIFA world cup final was a mesmerizing match that featured elite Soccer players and a dramatic turnaround.

Argentina got the better of the defending champions France as they held their nerve in the penalty shootout to win the final by 4-2 PK. Meanwhile, this caused a rift in the relations between Messi and Mbappe.

Emiliano Martinez mocked Mbappe on various occasions which also impacted Mbappe-Messi's friends. However, Mbappe ruled out the feud rumors as he during an interview said that he was eagerly waiting for Messi to return to PSG.

Meanwhile, a video shared by PSG is grabbing abundant views on YouTube as it featured the club's players giving a lie detector exam.

The host asked Mbappe, "Is there someone on the team who is known as having the worst fashion on the team?” to which Mbappe lied.

Mbappe couldn't hold his laugh e said," No, Everything is good in the team, Everyone dressed good, have a good style. So everything is perfect in the team". However, the lie detector stated his response was a lie.

Hence, It projects that there is someone in PSG who has a bad fashion sense and the interview also suggests that everything is not well in the team.

The aforementioned statement can be believed as there were many incidents such as the Nerymar-Mbappe penalty controversy and the Mbappe-Messi world cup aftermath that project the unhealthy dressing room atmosphere of PSG.

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