Lacey Evans Has a Three Word Response for John Cena's 20-Year Anniversary

There's no denying the greatness of John Cena.

16-time WWE Champion John Cena is arguably the most celebrated WWE superstars of all time. 

On June 27 episode of Monday Night RAW, Cena celebrates his 20-year anniversary with the WWE.

With WWE celebrating "Cena Month" to mark the incredible contribution of John Cena to the world of professional wrestling and entertainment, WWE fans will be treated to their favorite superstar this weekend on SmackDown.

Several superstars have reacted to John Cena's incredible feat, and joining them is none other than Lacey Evans.


In a recent episode of WWE's The Bump, Lacey Evans had a very short and crisp reply to John Cena's achievement.

"Goals man, goals" Lacey Evans said on John Cena's 20-year anniversary with the WWE.

Needless to say, it's a dream for any superstar to replicate the greatness that is John Cena for the world of professional wrestling.

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