By: Ujan Chakraborty

Leaked Photos: NBA Star Ja Morant's $50K Strip Club Trip Goes Viral

Image Credit: Twitter

Ja Morant went viral as the leaked photos and videos went all over social media. He flashed a gun at the same Denver-area jiggle bar, where hours later he wasted $50,000 in tips. 

The viral video depicts a G-string-clad brunette on his lap inside the VIP area, with money covering practically every square inch of the space.

The amount of money in the room is practically a pile. One club insider who saw the hardwood scene said, "You'd need a rake."

He gave the dancer a tip of $50,000 in cash. “That took forever to count,” another dancer recalled her colleague saying.

Only hours after the Grizzlies trampled the Rockets in Houston, the club source claimed that Morant arrived at Shotgun Willie's with a friend and two security guards at 1:30 in the night.

He entered the VIP area eighty minutes after the team's aircraft landed in Denver and paid at least $900 to reserve the space for three hours, as per rates listed on the club's website, sources said.

The police looked into the case but there was insufficient proof to bring charges against him. He apologised to his team and the public for his conduct after the public uproar over the gun webcast.

The Grizzlies first stated that Morant would miss four games. If the NBA discovers that Morant was in possession of a handgun, it may punish him with a long suspension.

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