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LeBron James' Alleged DM to 23-Year-Old Ice Spice Stirs Controversy

By: Debadrita Ghosh Image credit: NBA and Twitter

LeBron James has been accused of cheating on his wife several times by his fans. As per some recent rumors, James wanted to enter into an extramarital relationship with the singer Ice Spice.

Since the last two decades, LeBron has never involved himself in such controversies while playing basketball. He has always maintained his reputation and image in the NBA.

A picture of the chats between LeBron and Ice Spice recently went viral on Twitter. While reading the texts it appears that LeBron compared Ice with "Fine wine." 

James further asked her whether she wants to be treated like a queen by him. There were also some sexual metaphors and provocative emojis in between the texts.

There are several controversies among LeBron's fans, as they are confused whether he had really sent Ice those messages. James is  once again being accused of cheating Savannah.

"Netizens wrote: "The funny part about this is he‘a actually doing this stuff in real life. But people will still call him “family man”. Another claimed that NBA is cheating by spreading false rumors.

Although this has raised questions about LeBron, his fans claim that James could never do such things and are accusing the very source who has posted the chats of being attention-seeking.

It can be said that LeBron has an old relationship with controversy, and it's being seen that many of his own fans are trolling him in this drama.

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