Lebron James and Naomi Osaka Are Now Business Partners

The former world no. 1 Naomi Osaka and 4 time NBA Champion LeBron James are joining hands to launch a new media company.

Here's what we currently know about their plans and vision for this business venture.

The company is currently called  "Hana Kuma" - hana and kuma are japanese for flower and bear.

The company name is already making rounds on Twitter as Hana Kuma hit the #2 spot on Twitter's trending page.

"There’s reason we call ourselves an Empowerment Company. This incredible woman and the stories she is going to bring to life is EXACTLY what we about!!!Incredibly proud to call her my partner." this is what LeBron James had to say after the partnership was announced.

Naomi Osaka stated earlier that the company will produce stories that are "culturally specific but unique to all audiences."

Naomi Osaka may have had good intentions but the name of the company isn't doing too well with the people of East Africa and Kenya.

Apparently Hana Kuma which is Japanese for flower bear is a rude and debasing comment when towards women in the Swahili language.

With all the controversy around the company's name, it'll be interesting to see how it fares around different parts of the world.