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LeBron James' Bizarre Dream With Michael Jordan

By: Debadrita Ghosh Image credit: NBA and Twitter

NBA legend LeBron James was drafted directly from his high school to Cleveland Cavaliers in 2003. Given his back-to-back great performances, he is considered the sole competitor of Michael Jordan.

James has recently seen a dream about him and the legendary Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls which he disclosed on his Twitter on Sunday morning.

He said that in his dream he saw him and Jordan competing against one another in a fiercely competitive national title game between Duke and North Carolina.

James also added that it was unusual that he woke up before seeing the game’s conclusion or completing his dream. He wished he could see the entire dream.

LeBron tweeted: “Just woke up from having a dream that MJ and I was shooting the sh*+ back and forth at the Men's National Championship game between North Carolina/Duke!......”

James’ continued: “……Great vibes and EPIC CLASSIC GAME! It was a tie game/94-94/5 secs left/NC with the ball,”

He continued: “My ass would wake up to use the bathroom right before seeing the ending of the game. Happens all the time. Never get to the end. Anyways felt real as hell. Lol. Gm everyone.”

Between 1981 and 1984, Jordan played for 3 seasons in North Carolina, achieving the national championship in 1982. Meanwhile, LeBron would have attended Duke if he had gone to college, among other schools.

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