LeBron James Reacts to Tom Hanks Losing His Patience After Fans Get Out of Control

Fans crossing the limit at the sight of their favorite star is not a rare occurrence.

Actors, athletes, and celebrities from any field can be a subject to unwanted attention and coverage from paparazzi, raising questions about right to privacy for individuals concerned.

Something similar happened recently as Oscar winner Tom Hanks and wife Rita Wilson were crowded by the paparazzi on their way out of a restaurant.


Hanks was greeting the fans with a smile on his wife, right up until fans pushed Rita Wilson in enthusiasm to get a glimpse of their favorite stars.

"Back the fu** off! Knocking over my wife" Hanks exclaimed.

The news made headlines real quickly, with NBA star LeBron James also reacting to the video doing rounds on the internet.

Slamming the fans, the four-time NBA Champion took to Twitter and expressed his opinion on the entire incident.

"I just saw the Tom Hanks clip of his wife almost being trampled over by the paparazzi. What the fuck ever happened to personal space?? Now if Tom would have stole on one of them, he would be the one in the wrong and probably sued! How are they protected more than he and his wife?" James tweeted.

It's hard not to agree with LeBron James. It's not rare for fans to sue celebrities who have reacted at times when their privacy has been breached in during public appearances. What are your thoughts on the entire incident?

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