Legacy Tarnished? Charles Oliveira Stripped of UFC Title

Charles Oliveira loses UFC title

Charles Oliveira missed Championship weight, missing the 155-pound mark by 0.5lbs. 

Charles Oliveira stripped of UFC title after missing weight.

Charles Oliveira's reign as a UFC Lightweight Champion came to an unfortunate end after UFC introduced the new rule.

Charles Oliveira's comparison to Khabib Nurmagomedov might lose the interest

Just like Tony Ferguson's recent row of losses have made the comparison to Khabib Nurmagomedov somehow not worthwhile anymore,Oliveira and Nurmagomedov rivalry might end up as the same.

It also highlights Charles Oliveira's previous weight misses.

Oliveira has missed weight a total of five times in his UFC career,

While the narrative would have picked up at some point, going down in history as the first UFC Champion to lose the belt on the scale certainly doesn't help his legacy.

Additionally, it takes away the debate of being the greatest lightweight fighter of all time since missing weight is considered unprofessional.

Can Charles Oliveira win?

Having been stripped off the title, it's safe to say that the incident will have a huge impact on Charles Oliveira. Oliveira is the first UFC fighter that the UFC has stripped owing to failure in weight cut.