By: David Smith

Leon Edwards Accused of Cheating Before Knocking Out Kamaru Usman

Image Credit: UFC

Leon Edwards knocking out Kamaru Usman in the 5th round to win the welterweight title is still fresh in MMA fans' memories.

But, there were some moments fans did not necessarily noticed while watching the fight between The Nigerian Nightmare and Leon Edwards.

Former UFC fighter, Chael Sonnen points out the fact that Leon Edwards cheated by grabbibg the cage during the fight during grappling exchanges withe Usman.

"Leon was frustrated in positions and had no way out of positions to the extent that he cheated repeatedly, not once, not an accident. the ref broke the act five or six times…"- Sonnen said

The referee, Herb Dean also wanred Leon Edwards during fight for grabbing the cage but did not deduct any crucial point.

Though Chael Sonnen is right with his analysis of Edwards cheating in the Usman fight he failed to mention the fact that Kamaru Usman was grabbing the cage on multiple ocassions during that fight.

In the round 5, Herb Dean separated Kamaru Usman and Leon Edwards from a grappling position and forced them to strike, which led to the KO finish.

There were a lot of unusual things that affected the result. It would be intirguing to see how Usman and Edwards prepare for the trilogy after spednding over 39 mins in the octagon with each other.

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