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Lionel Messi Is Not Skilled Enough for FIFA 23 List, Fans in Disbelief

By: Jeron Jacob

After he departed from his childhood, Barcelona Lionel Messi had a difficult first season in the French competition as he needed time to adapt.

However, Messi along with his teammate, Neymar has made an incredible comeback with improved stats in his second season for the French champions.

Messi has gone and proved many people wrong who thought that his footballing abilities would begin to decline with his age.

Messi along with his long-term rival, Cristiano Ronaldo has always been one step ahead of all the footballers from this generation.

From their stats in video games to their stats in real life, fans will always find a way to compare them regardless of whichever era they play.

In the last few years, Messi was ahead of Ronaldo in terms of FIFA rating, but in FIFA 2023 there was one thing that caught the fans' eye.

Even though Messi has the best FIFA rating this year, surprisingly he was not included in this year's list of most skilled players.

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Ronaldo's inclusion in that list has further disappointed Messi's fans, no matter what till these two play their last match, people will never stop comparing.

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