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Lionel Messi Trashed for Allegedly Kicking His Fan After PSG's Loss.

By: Yaksh Desai Image credit: Twitter

Lionel Messi is regarded as one of the best soccer athletes of all time. He is known for his smooth dribbling skills.

The Argentinian superstar is widely applauded for his down-to-earth nature however a recent incident has caused a massive dent in his image as a "generous guy".

According to reports, after PSG got knocked out of the champions league by Bayern Munich, Messi poured out his anger on a fan.

Netizens were shocked after a video was circulated on the internet in which the PSG superstar is seen kicking a pitch invader in anger.

Reacting to the controversy, a fan tweeted, "Lionel Messi kicks a pitch invader who slipped after running towards him minutes after PSG got dumped out of the UCL. No media outlet has reported this as Messi is their beloved golden boy."

Another netizen wrote, "Horrible horrible human being if this was Ronaldo everyone would want his head on a spike."

While on the other hand, A fan defended Messi by tweeting, "I first thought he kicked him but it's actually one of the security guys that pushes his leg as he falls down."

Hence as of now, there is no clinical evidence that suggests Messi kicked the guy. Some reports also claimed that the angle in the video might've created the misunderstanding.

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