Lionel Messi's Swollen Ankle Brings Bad News For Argentina

By: Remin Chacko  Image credit: Google

As we know the FIFA world cup 2022 has started. The tournament is hosted in Qatar. Argentina had its match with Saudi Arabia on 22 November.

Lionel Messi had trained with his teammates normally but on the match day his ankle was swollen. This raised doubts about his condition.

The PSG star has an inflammation on his ankle which is normal for him. The swollen ankle is not associated with any current bone or joint.

The swelling is said to be the bandage with frozen gel, which is a cryotherapy treatment to avoid the usage of inflammatory drugs.

There was no official information regarding the injury or pain. The player finished his training and was part of the starting line-up for the world cup 2022.

Therefore his starting spot for the world cup against Saudi Arabia at Lusail stadium was also perfect. He was not in any kind of danger.

Although there are some controversies going on that due to his swollen ankle the player was not able to give his best shot. Therefore, they lost to Saudi Arabia by 2-1.

Lionel Messi has more to come in this world cup. Everyone is hoping for the best. This might be his last world cup so he is going to give it all.

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