Logan Paul on controversial Amber Heard Moment From Trial

The Amber Heard-Johnny Depp trial has been one of the biggest news in Hollywood for the last few weeks.

Recently, fans call out Amber Heard for allegedly doing cocaine during her testimony in court.

However, Logan Paul seemed pretty confident about the controversy as he said: "I am pretty sure I saw her do cocaine."

Many celebrities and fans have come forward to support Johnny Depp.

And it seems Johnny Depp has another supporter in Logan Paul and his friends Mike Majlak and George Janko.

Logan Paul's co-host, George Janko praised Johnny Depp and Mike Majlak praised Johnny Depp for his actions.

"I am proud of how Johnny handled it. guys do get abused mentally and physically. The way that his whole career was removed from him, the way his exes stood up for him, his co-host stood up for him, her exes were like he would not raise his voice at me let alone, his therapist was like she wouldn't let him talk. She removed his life from him and all he did is take it to court. That is the most manly thing I've ever seen in my life."- George Janko

With each and every passing day of the trial, new revelations are being made by Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's witnesses.

Even though the majority of the fans seem to support Johnny Depp many experts have predicted Heard to win the legal battle.