By: Alok Nayak

Logan Paul Took a Lesson From Dwayne Johnson's Text Book

Image Credit: WWE

Not so long ago Logan Paul made a revelation about his relationship with Dwayne Johnson, his co-star from Baywatch.

After Logan Paul got cancelled for his controversial video in Japan, Dwayne Johnson had a bizarre request to the Maverick.

The Rock asked Logan Paul to delete all the photos of them from social media, which only added more trouble in Logan's life at the time.

Logan Paul even admitted that it was the saddest moment of his life. However, he also reacted similarly after Andrew Tate got cancelled for his controversial comments.

Andrew Tate recently revealed the reason why he does not like Logan Paul and called him out for completely changing his opinion.

"Before I was cancelled him and his boyfriend, Mike did endless video supporting me, laughing about me saying how funny I was, tagging me on Instagram, inviting me places."- Tate said

Andrew Tate also wants to teach Logan Paul a lesson by fighting him in a boxing fight and he thinks it will be an easy fight for him.

Logan Paul has also shown interest in fighting Andrew Tate and has challenged him to a MMA fight inside the octagon.

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