LOL! Andy Murray Says His “Metal Hip” Will Lead To His Downfall Against Djokovic

Andy Murray is regarded as one of the greatest Tennis players to ever step foot inside on court.

He defeated Thiem and Shapovalov in round of 64 and round of 32 respectively to advance to the Round of 16.

However, Murray had to pull out of the Madrid Open days ahead of his clash against Novak Djokovic due to illness.

Murray and Dojokovic have competed against each other 36 times. Murray has won in 11 of those encounters.

The last time they both battled against each other was in 2017 in the Qatar Open final where Novak defeated him within 3 sets.

After 2017, Andy Murray went through many hip surgeries and in 2019 he had to get a metal hip.

After defeating Shapovalov he was asked what his chances are as he is about to face Novak Djokovic next.

He said, “I mean in theory, I should have no chance in the match, you know he's obviously No. 1 in the world and I'm playing with a metal hip, so I shouldn't have a chance in the match.”

While we may not see this epic encounter at the Madrid Open 2022, the response will certainly be remembered for years to come.