Looking Back at Muhammad Ali’s Only WWE Match 

Muhammad Ali was an icon in its truest definition

Ali Is Remembered as the Greatest Boxer of All-time

"The Greatest"

The legend not only kept his jabs in the boxing ring but took it to the ring of WWE as well

In the year 1976,during a match between Baron Mikel Scicluna and Gorilla Monsoon, the boxing icon walked towards the ring at the end of the match straight from the audience

...which did not seem like a good idea. Shortly after entering the ring, Ali was lifted off the ground and was delivered with an Airplane Spin

Gorilla monsoon started his wrestling career as Gino Marella. The giant was so huge that even "The Greatest" Muhammad Ali couldn’t tackle him

Match with Monsoon wasn’t the only time Ali's arrogance took him down. During the match with Inoki, Ali suffered several injuries which nearly cost Ali his leg

Ali later appeared as a guest referee at WWE WrestleMania 1

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