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“Marry Me”: Rusev’s Wife Lana Asks WWE Star to Marry Her

By: Rahul V Krishnan Image credit: WWE and Twitter

Former WWE superstar Lana grabbed headlines on Sunday after she asked a current WWE superstar to marry her.

Lana, whose real name is CJ Perry decided to jokingly ask former Smackdown Women's Champion Liv Morgan to marry her.

Liv posted her picture on social media and Lana was quick to put out a comment on the post. "Wow I love you so much. Marry me please," she said.

Lana and Liv Morgan were involved in a lesbian love storyline in the past when she interrupted Lana's and Lashley wedding claiming to be Lana's lover. WWE never followed up on the story.

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Lana was released by the WWE last year. She is married to former WWE and current AEW star Rusev/Miro in real life.

Fans on Twitter saw the funny side of the comment and certain fans decided to thank Vince McMahon for booking such a long term storyline.

Lana currently isn't working for any wrestling promotions but there are rumors of her signing with AEW and joining her husband.

Liv Morgan meanwhile is going through a character change as she's seen playing a darker character on Smackdown these days.

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