Holloway Talks about His Married Life


Max Holloway tied the knot with pro-surfer Alessa Quizon on April 16, 2022.

In an interview, with Luke Thomas of Mortal Kombat, Holloway stated that the couple hasnt gone on a honeymoon yet.

"No, we didn't go yet cuz I told her I can't", said Holloway.

Quizon and Max would have dilemmas regarding their honeymoon as either Max would have an upcoming fight or either of the two wouldn't like the honeymoon spot.

"My life is good, it's awesome, especially when you got a wife like mines man. She makes sure everything is good.... I mean, life's good, I love married life" -Max Holloway on his married life

Holloway has stated in a few interviews that he is happy with his married life. He has labeled his wife a "superhero" for assisting him in progressing in his career.

The two have been going strong since the wedding. Max frequently posts images of the two on his instagram feed.

Holloway is scheduled to fight Alexander Volkanovski at UFC 276 for the Featherweight championship. Holloway would be hoping to go away from this fight with the title and also potentially go on a honeymoon as well.

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