Michael Chandler Made a Huge Mistake For the Dustin Poirier Fight

By: David Smith

After a lot of speculations, Dustin Poirier vs Michael Chandler is finally happening at UFC 281 for this year's card in Madison Square Garden.

Poirier and Chandler had a nasty altercation during UFC 276. They were separated by security guards before the situation could escalate.

It seems UFC has listened to the fans as they have booked this fight. Poirier and Chandler will get a chance to settle the rivalry inside the octagon.

But, will it be a 5 round fight or a 3-round fight? A 5 round fight would certainly favor Dustin Poirier, who has shown incredible durability throughout his career.

The fans of Poirier will be happy as The Diamond confirmed that this will be a 5 round fight. Now we don't know whether this will be the main event.

Michael Chandler is a dangerous opponent for anyone in the lightweight division, especially in the early rounds.

However, in a 5 round fight, Poirier is more than capable to overcome Chandler's attack in the early rounds and inflict damage as the fight progresses.

But if Chandler decides to wrestle then things could get interesting as Poirier is prone to takedowns and has not performed that well against elite wrestlers. What do you think about this exciting matchup?

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