Michael Chandler's Brutal KO at UFC 274 Stuns The Rock

Since joining the UFC, Michael Chandler has provided nothing but jaw-dropping fights, and his brutal second-round knockout of Tony Ferguson was no exception.

After being knocked down in the first round, Chandler landed a vicious front kick that blasted Ferguson and sent him to the ground face first.

From the opening exchange, the lightweights were swinging heavy leather, with Ferguson drawing first blood after a lightning quick left hand sent Chandler to the canvas.

Ferguson tried to take advantage of the opportunity, but Chandler was able to get back on his feet. Chandler's KO Kick has amazed a lot of people.

WWE legend and Hollywood superstar, Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock was certainly stunned by this KO.

In the video we can see Dwayne Johnson (a.k.a The Rock) watching the match and after the KO kick he says "holy sh**, this is incredible."

Dwayne Johnson also sent out a tweet congratulating Chandler for his incredible performance. 

Whereas Conor McGregor was called out by Chandler and Oliveira in the Octagon after their battles, but the Irishman seemed more interested in a fight with Chandler.