Mike Tyson Says Rose Namajunas Made Him Cry

When Rose Namajunas defeated Zhang Weili to become a two-time strawweight champion of the world, it was a moment to remember for fight fans around the world.

Mike Tyson is a fan of UFC fighter Rose Namajunas!

It was a moment to rejoice for all the fight fans. It's safe to say, there's no one who doesn't appreciate what Rose Namajunas brings inside the cage.


Additionally, it's no secret that boxing legend mike tyson is a huge fan of rose namajunas.

Mike Tyson in a recent conversation with Joe Rogan on the Hotoxin' podcast revealed that he was brought to tears after watching Rose Namajunas clinch the strawweight gold.

Namjunas knocked out Zhang Weili back at UFC 261 to become a two-time UFC strawweight champion of the world.


"I'd cry over fuc***ng thing. I cried over Rose. Rose is crying, she got me, I am crying." Tyson said


It's safe to say, watching Rose Namajunas emotional after her title win, made everybody control their emotions for a while. What do you remember the most about UFC 261?