More Details About Sasha Banks' Meeting With Vince McMahon After Exit

Sasha Banks unhappy with wwe creative

Sasha Banks decided to leave the WWE RAW after displeasure with the WWE creative.


Earlier, it was reported that Sasha Banks and Naomi were supposed to main event RAW in a six-woman tag-team match alongside Naomi, Asuka, Doudrop and Nikki ASH.

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However, after it was later broadcasted during the show that Becky Lynch vs Asuka will main event after Sasha Banks and Naomi had left the building.

Fightful reports Sasha Banks was unhappy with the creative decision and specifically mentioned two Superstars she didn't really want to work with.

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While some speculate it to be Becky Lynch and Asuka, many are also hinting it could be Nikki ASH and Doudrop.

It was also reported that Sasha Banks met Vince McMahon, however, to no avail.

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Both McMahon and Banks stood firm on their decisions with neither of them wanting to step down.

It resulted in Sasha Banks and Naomi walking out of the building, keeping their tag-teams belts on the table.

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Banks' displeasure with the future of WWE Women's Tag-Team division and where it's going certainly deserves a thought.

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