Most Brutal Elimination Chamber Moments

Kofi Kingston Tornado DDT

Kofi is an exceptional athlete. He tries to perform his best by taking a lot of risks. In 2012, during the Elimination Chamber match, Kofi Kingston dove from the Chamber’s Chain-wall and hit a picture-perfect tornado DDT to take out Dolph Ziggler

Dives from the top of the Pod

It is one thing to dive from the top rope but it is a whole lot of Extreme when jumping from the top of the chamber. Superstars like Shawn Michaels, Test, Jeff Hardy and even John Cena have performed dive attacks from the top of the pod to eliminate superstars.

Attacks on the Chain Links

The Chamber is made of Solid steel chains. Every attack is so vicious and could result in severe injuries

From the top of the Dome

Superstars have jumped from the top-rope, top of the cage, top of the chamber pod. In 2011, John Morrison took it up a notch by diving from the top of the Elimination Chamber’s Dome. The splash took out Sheamus.

Going Through the pod

The most iconic and brutal moment during the Elimination Chamber match is when superstars go through the pod breaking the plexiglass. In 2020, Otis crashed into the pod and he went broke the pod and fell outside.


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