By: Nikhil Chauhan

Mt. Rushmore of Respect - Michael Chandler's Bizarre List

Credit: UFC

Michael Chandler is one of the most explosive and entertaining fighters to watch in the UFC.

The former lightweight title challengers has only stepped inside the Octagon four times but had become a huge name in the world of mixed martial arts.

As reckless as he is inside the Octagon, Chandler is surprisingly a very soft-spoken individual. 

Despite the trash talk from his opponents, Chandler has always kept a great attitude leading up to the fight.

So, it's no really surprising that he has a concept called "Mount Rushmore of Respect."

While the former lightweight title challenger did not give clarity on who are the five mixed martial artist, we do know his next UFC opponent is right up there!

Despite the bad blood and a scuffle, Chandler puts Dustin Poirier in his Mount Rushmore of Respect. 

If you put up a Mount Rushmore of the guys, I respect the most....he would go there." Chandler said. (Yahoo Sports)

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