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"My Son Is Innocent" - Achraf Hakimi's Mother on R*pe allegations on the PSG Star

By: Yaksh Desai Image credit:  Twitter

Achraf Hakimi is considered a bright and talented soccer athlete. In the short span of his career, he has achieved astonishing feats.

Hakimi's spectacular attacking and defending skills have earned him a place in this year's FIFA FIFPRO World 11 along with the likes of Mbappe and Messi.

However, the PSG right-back is in the negative spotlight after being accused of se*ual assaulting a 23-year-old woman.

The victim reportedly claims that both Hakimi and herself got introduced with the aid of social media, and when they met at Hakimi's house in the absence of his partners and children, he molested her.

Things went downhill for the Moroccan defender since then, as the judicial system has charged him with r*pe based on the investigation results that led to the alleged separation of Hiba and Hakimi.

Hakimi's mother also made some news after rooting for her son's innocence, as during an interview she said, "My heart tells me that my son is innocent and has a good education."

She further added, “He doesn't deserve what happened to him. I asked him about the case, and he swore to me that he was innocent.” Meanwhile, these statements have brought immense outrage from fans.

A fan tweeted, "if he swore to his mother that he was innocent but is guilty, he's the worst," while another wrote, "Every mother thinks their son is innocent and I hope he is but let’s not victim shame."

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“He’s the Worst” – Achraf Hakimi’s Mother’s Statement on Her Son Following R*pe Charge Invites Fans’ Fury. Swipe up to read the full article.