Nate Diaz has a message for Eminem after shout out in latest rap

Rapper Eminem gave a shout-out to UFC star Nate Diaz in his latest track Gospel. For the first time now, Nate Diaz has reacted.

Here's how the lyrics read.

“Nate Diaz got the world by the tracheas, in a chokehold and a sleeper.”

Arguably one of the greatest names in the world of mixed martial arts, Nate Diaz's popularity knows no bounds.

In a latest appearance with the TMZ, Nate Diaz shared his thoughts on the same, and left a message for Eminem.

"That's the GOAT with a GOAT."  "I loved it." He said.

Nate Diaz shared he grew up listening to Eminem, and how he is one of his favorite rappers of all time.

"You're a man! You already know." Nate Diaz said on being asked whether he had a message for rapper Eminem.

What are your thoughts on Nate Diaz's mention in Eminem's latest track?

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