Chet Holmgren Summer League Debut: The Okc Star Stuffs the Stat Sheet 


Chet Holmgren was the No.2 overall pick in the NBA 2022 Draft. He faced a lot of criticism from the NBA world for his 'Slender' body.

Chet is a center who stands at 7'1 and weighs just 196 pounds. Many believe that he won't be able thrive in the NBA like he did in college.

However, Holmgren replied to everyone with his game as in his NBA Summer League he scored-

23 points on 7/9 shooting and 4 of 6 from behind the arc. He even grabbed 7 board and a staggering 6 blocks including 2 of them on Tacko Fall.

He showed his soft shooting touch and his defensive ability all together in just his debut. He is a big man for this era who can spread the floor and defend guards and is now being nicknamed as 'The Unicorn'.

Chet is being compared a lot to another player with Slender body Kevin Durant.

When KD came into the league, everyone questioned his weight and his slender body. But now Durant is arguably one of the best player in the NBA.

Even more so, both played for OKC and drafted by the same General Manager Sam Presti.

Sam Presti has a real eye for talent as he drafted KD, Westbrook, James Harden,etc. All these players are first ballot Hall of Famers.

Thus we cannot doubt Presti's choice for 2022 NBA Draft. He see's potential in Chet and given Presti's history he is always right.

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