NBA Draft 2022: Top Rumors

The NBA Draft is almost here. So, you should all be prepared for a lot of rumors that will be swirling around as we count down to the draft.

Here are the top rumors that are making rounds around the NBA world right now.

The chatter around the league has really picked up as some teams are looking to go higher while others are looking to trade their picks for some quality players.

The Houston Rockets are looking to shop Eric Gordon for a draft pick that will allow them to add more youth as they go deep into rebuild mode.

The Atlanta Hawks have been involved in a lot of news that suggests that the team is open to trading John Collins. From what we know, Trae Young and DeAndre Hunter are the only untouchables on the team right now.

Chet Holmgren is most likely to fall out of the top 3 as concerns regarding his 7'0 195lbs physique have started circulating.

The Minnesota Timberwolves are actively shopping D'Angelo Russel ahead of the NBA Draft.

The Philadelphia 76ers are trying to trade for PJ Tucker as they look to add more depth to their bench.

All of these are just rumors at this point and we will have to wait and watch whether any of these materialize or not.