Fans Frustrated After Jayson Tatum’s Repeated Comparisons With Kobe Bryant

The Late Kobe Bryant was one of the best NBA players of all time that played in the NBA for 20 whole seasons.

Jayson Tatum grew up watching kobe and idolized him

Kobe Bryant loved the effect he had on JT and used to personally mentor the young player.

Jayson Tatum has been trying to build-up Kobe comparisons with a ton of honor and gestures. 

He's worn Kobe's jersey for a shoot, wristband in the game and even texted him after winning Game 7 of the ECF

But most recently, before Game 2 of the NBA finals, JT dressed up like Kobe did in a Celtics pre-draft workout. 

The Boston Celtics went on to lose game 2 of the NBA finals by almost 20 points.

All NBA fans began to cringe looking at Tatum forcing comparisons to the greatest shooting guard of the modern NBA.

Is Jayson Tatum going overboard?