Five of the Funniest NBA Rookie Hazing Moments

Here are five of the best rookie hazing stories.

When you're a rookie in the NBA,  it does not matter how high you were drafted, there will always be a veteran to bully you.

Giannis Antetokounmpo Pranks Rookie Sterling Brown  by filling his entire car with popcorn

In 2016, Stephen Curry made the Warriors rookies perform a talent show in during open practice.

Chris Webber made Rookie Jason 'white chocolate' Williams run in a snowstorm with just his underwear 

Gilbert Arenas stuffed Andray Blatche's shoes with his  Dog's poop.

LeBron James  had to Bring donuts every day for practices during his rookie season.

Which Rookie Hazing  Story was  the funniest?


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