Kobe Bryant Ranks The 3 Best NBA Players of  All-Time 

Kobe Bryant left the interview grabbing the headlines after he answered the most asked NBA question ever

Kobe Bryant was a guest on James Corden's late-night TV show 3 years ago 

Here is who Kobe Bryant  ranked number 1 amongst the greatest players of all-time

In a game called 'Spill or fill  your guts' Kobe Bryant either had to answer this question  or eat a 'Cow's Tongue'. 

He had to either rank LeBron James, Kobe and Jordan in order, or else he'd have to eat the 'Cows Tongue'.

He ranked them as follows: 3. LeBron James

2. Michael Jordan

1. Kobe Bryant

Do you agree with  Kobe Bryant's list?


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