LeBron James Did  Kent Bazemore   Dirty by Making Him Leave His Seat and Ignoring Him

The game was not important but gave us this hilarious moment

The Los Angeles Lakers took on the OKC Thunder in the 2nd last game of the season

LeBron James had been sidelined for the last 2 games due to an ankle injury

The Los Angeles Lakers saw their season end against the Suns when LeBron was out

That meant that the game against OKC had no real value and we saw the Lakers have a little bit of fun in a consolation win 

In the video LeBron James walks to the courtside seats and makes Kent Bazemore get up to let him sit

Kent Bazemore was recently added to the lineup to give some more shooting to this Lakers team

Before LeBron could sit he dabbed up some of his teammates but the only one he left hanging was....

Kent Bazemore

The video has already gained about a million + views and seems to continue growing

Have you seen the viral video yet?


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