Lebron James’ Pre-match Ritual Is a Possible Rip-off of Michael Jordan

LeBron James has one of the most iconic pregame rituals of all-time. 'The Chalk Toss'.

LeBron James tossed chalk for the first time In his rookie season and has not stopped since.

NBA players use chalk to get a better grip of the basketball.


They also use the powder to keep their hands dry throughout the game.

The powder means that it helps the shots and passes to not slip, avoiding turnovers and missed shots.


Omar Raja was the founder of House of Highlights and believes that LeBron's iconic toss was copied from Michael Jordan. 


Michael Jordan was one of the first players to toss chalk.

LeBron James adapted it to hype the crowd in his way and was so iconic that it was the on the cover of NBA 2k14.

Did LeBron James copy Michael Jordan from the first day of his career?