Mavs and Heat Honor Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan in the Most Unique Way

Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant are regarded as the 2 best shooting guards of all time bar none.

They've won 11 nba titles combined with a ton of other acoulades

But because of their massive influence on the game, even their biggest rivals were forced to honor them.

The Dallas Mavericks and Miami Heat have retired Kobe's and MJ's jersey respectively despite them not playing a single minute for their franchise.

The Miami Heat retired MJ's jersey #23 back in April 2003 to honor his retirement.

In February 2020, the Dallas Mavericks retired #24 less than a month after he passed away in a tragic helicopter accident.

They are the only 2 NBA players in history to play 0 minutes for a team but still be immortalized by them.

Kobe Bryant played his game learning from MJ and to know that he sits with his 'big brother' in something so special makes it 20X better.

Will there ever be another player that could join this list?