Miami Heat Superfan DJ Khaled Copies Drake's Antics in the Playoffs

DJ Khaled is one of the most popular record executive, and record producer with 26 Million monthly listeners on Spotify.

DJ Khaled is a huge celebrity superfan of the miami heat.

In game 6 of the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals, DJ Khaled was seen giving coach Erik Spoelstra a shoulder massage.

During Toronto's title run in 2019, Drake did an eerily similar thing.

In game 4 of the ECF, Drake went behind Nick Nurse and gave him a consoling massage after a missed 3.


Fans believe DJ Khaled blatantly ripped off Drake's antics and they have a good case for it. 


Bleacher Report called DJ Khaled "The Worst" NBA celebrity fan who has a Brazen Personality. 

The Miami Heat currently lead the series and if they win we could see a lot more of DJ Khaled.

Should celebrities like DJ Khaled and Drake be able to do things like this during the game?