Kyrie Irving Flips the Bird at Celtic Fans, Gets Viciously Trolled

Kyrie Irving played for the Boston Celtics for 2 seasons but after leaving became the most hated man in Boston.

Kyrie Irving and Boston have continued that beef for the last 3 years!

Kyrie Irving has made his dislike for them known every time he plays Boston by his actions.


Kyrie Irving once stompped on the boston Celtics logo and completely disrespected it.

When Kyrie played for the Celtics he constantly called out the team and his teammates publicly creating a lot of team chemistry issues.

In the first round of the NBA Playoffs, Boston has had to take on the Brooklyn Nets. Kyrie Irving had a great game 1 but lost on a last-second go-ahead basket by Jayson Tatum.


Kyrie even flipped off the Boston Fans in Game 1 therefore NBC Boston took their revenge on Kyrie by putting '0 middle fingers' as a stat in his horrific game 2 stat line.


Do you think Kyrie will be amused by what NBC did?