By: Nikhil Chauhan

Finally, Someone Speaks Against Kyrie Irving's Suspension 

Image Credit: WWE

Kyrie Irving has been at the reciving end of severe backlash from NBA fans and players alike for sharing a link to an "antisemitic" movie.

Irving did not give an explicit apology on the incident initially, but after a meeting with NBA commissioner Adam Silver, the Brooklyn Nets star came out with a statement.

Irving's apology was quite well received by the NBA community. However, hours later it was announced that he has been suspended by the Brooklyn Nets.

Brooklyn Nets suspended Kyrie Irving for five games without pay. That was not all, Irving was tasked to do six things if he wanted to return to the team.

Lyrie will have to pay a whopping $500,000 to charity, do sensitivity and antisemitic training, meet with ADL Jewish leaders, and meet with Joe Tsai if he wants to return to Nets.

Needless to say, this is a big punishment. This is not saying he did not commit a mistake, but the public apology should have been enough to warrant a return to Brooklyn Nets.

Now, NBPA Vice-President Jaylen Brown has raised his voice regarding the severity of punishment received by Kyrie Irving.

“The terms for his return, they seem like a lot, and a lot of the players expressed discomfort with the terms. He made a mistake. He posted something. There was no distinction.” Brown said.

Brown is the first NBA player to speak in favor of Kyrie Irving amid the entire controversy that surrounds him.