Shaq Reveals What Made Him Sell Affordable Shoes Unlike Other NBA Stars

Here's why Shaq's shoes are so cheap

Shaquille O'Neal was one of the best players of his time and earned himself a signature shoe deal, just like the other stars in the NBA. 

When Shaq entered the NBA he was extremely popular being the number 1 pick 

He received tons of endorsement opportunities, one of  them being a  5 year $40 Million deal with Reebok

However, a few years later Shaq ended the deal with Reebok and struck a deal with Walmart to sell more affordable shoes

It was because a mother of a fan confronted Shaq about how expensive his shoes were

Shaq attempted to pay for her children's shoes but she smacked away the money

She said that she wishes that someone could create affordable shoes

This made Shaq think about how his dad would've not let him buy those expensive shoes either and made him pull the trigger on that decision 

Shaq has now sold over 200 Million shoes with Walmart 

What do you think about the Shaq making affordable shoes?


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