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NBA Star Ja Morant Might Get Arrested for Threatening 17-Year-Old Boy

By: Debadrita Ghosh Image credit: NBA & Twitter

The Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant has landed in major trouble as he is accused of giving a threat to a 17-year-old teenage boy with a gun.

As per the Bleacher Report, "Ja Morant was accused of punching a 17-year-old boy 12–13 times and flashing a gun at him during a pickup basketball game last summer."

In September 2022, Morant used to play basketball with a young boy at his Tennessee home. However, this resulted in a verbal dispute between the two and also turned into physical abuse.

Recently, the teenage boy filed a lawsuit against the Memphis star, making allegations against the player that he attacked him. However, an investigation was undertaken by the police, but no further steps have been taken yet.

Shannon Sharpe and other NBA officials have accused Morant of "pretending to be a thug." While Adam Silver, the NBA commissioner, has not yet spoken about this matter,

As per the Washington Post, Morant attacked the boy but said that he did it out of self-defense. Moreover, many journalists have claimed that he only had a gun in his waistband and did not try to attack the boy.

Candance Buckner’s tweeted: “I deleted a previous tweet that incorrectly stated Morant pointed a gun at the 17-year-old boy. The actual alleged version of events is in the story: the boy told detectives Morant had a gun visible in his waistband and placed his hand on the weapon.”

However, Morant's agent and lawyer have seen the reports, Keenan Carter, the legal representative said that it was done to "tarnish Ja's reputation". However, Ja has not yet spoken about the matter and it is expected that Ja could be arrested given the allegations are proven true.

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