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NBA Star Stephen Curry Spends Insane Money Per Season on Mouthguards

By: Debadrita Ghosh Image credit: NBA & Twitter

Stephen Curry is one of the richest players in NBA history. As per celebrity net worth, the 34-year-old player has a net worth of $160 million.

Steph likes to spend his money on expensive things such as mansions, houses, luxurious cars, expensive shoes, an entire golf course, and also expensive mouthguards.

Curry mostly uses a flavored mouthguard named "MOGO M1". It might be one of the reasons he is often seen chewing his mouthguard during free throws.

He once said about his habit of chewing mouthguard: “I just chew on it like crazy. It kind of calms me down, especially when I’m at the free throw line.”

He spends $25,000 on mouthguards. He changes his mouthguard and wears a new one every six to ten games and uses around 25 per season.

Steph once explained why he always wears a mouthguard, "I got elbowed in college my junior year and kind of busted my lip open. And so, I wore a mouthpiece after that every single game."

A game-chewed mouthguard of Stephen Curry, which was picked by a Warriors fan during the game, was auctioned by California-based SCP Auctions for $3190 back in 2016.

Curry has been fined twice on account of throwing his mouthguard on the court out of anger. He was fined $25,000 in 2016 for throwing his mouthguard, and in the following year, he was fined $50,000.

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