Steph Curry vs Klay Thompson: Who Has Made More 3 Pointers?

The Splash Brothers are the best shooting back-court the league has ever seen. But which one of them is the better shooter? Let's find out.

Klay Thompson is the Robin to Stephen Curry. He is one of the top 5 shooters of all-time, for his career he has-

1,912 threes which ranks 18th all-time and has won the 3 point contest once. He is 3rd in made threes in playoff behind LeBron James and Stephen Curry with 405 threes.

However, Klay can get hot from the 3 point line. He once scored 60 points in just 29 minutes while only dribbling the ball 11 times!

Klay also has the highest 3s made in a game. On October 29, 2018, Thompson made 14 threes on 24 tries in just 26 minutes. In a regular season game Klay made 9 straight threes without a miss against the Kings.

However, Curry is THE GREATEST shooter of all time. He is leading the league in 3 pointers made ever (3117). He is also the leader of 3 pointers made in playoffs with 500 threes. Steph has won the three point contest twice.

Curry made history in 2016 by making 402 in just a season, a record that will be untouched for decades. Last year, in the month of April he went on a hot streak and made most threes in month with 96 and has the 2nd most made three in a game (13).

When it comes to raining threes, Curry is unmatched. He can shoot it from anywhere on the floor. It could be off the dribble or catch and shoot but he will still swish it. And that too on a high efficiency.

The Splash Brothers are the greatest shooting backcourt for a reason. They both have never shot below 40% from three with the exception of this season. However, Stephen Curry takes the win for this debate.

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