Take a Look  at the  Beef History Between LeBron James and  Colby Covington 

LeBron James is the biggest name in Basketball and uses his platform to express his political and social opinions.

Not everyone will loves his opinions and here is his biggest hater.

 Colby Covington

Colby is a former Interim UFC Welterweight Champion and has a record of 16-3-0.

Colby started  the beef by saying this.

"I want to dedicate  this fight to....not 'Spineless Cowards' like LeBron James."

Kevin Durant replied to Colby  by saying this, "Who's this again?"

Austin Rivers added to this by saying, "Why tho?"

Colby Came back in 2021 and  said this,

"He stays silent  on everything in China because he’s a Chinese puppet master."

Colby Covington added more flame to that fire by calling LeBron a Spineless athlete again in 2022, in his face off against Jorge Masvidal.

LeBron has his struggles  in the NBA to focus on, before diving into that.

Will LeBron respond to Colby?


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