Throwback to the Time Kobe Bryant Scored 55 Points on MJ and Took His Throne

But the story actually began on 8th November 2002, when these teams played each other for the first time. 

On 23rd March, 2003, Kobe Bryant scored 55 points against MJ's Wizards

In the first game the Los Angeles Lakers lost by 1 point and Jordan scored 25 points off the bench.

Michael Jordan went up to Kobe, who was wearing Jordan 8's, and smacked his butt and said,

"You could wear the shoes but you'll never fill them."

Kobe Bryant took that personally and did not talk at all for 2 weeks and was getting ready for the next time they faced the Wizards

On March 28th 2003, Kobe got his rematch and took his revenge by scoring 55 points in a win against MJ.

At the end of the 1st half Kobe had 42 points and shot 8 of 11 from the 3

This is how the NBA remembers Kobe Bryant, as a stone-cold killer 

Is this the best Kobe Bryant revenge story you've heard?


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